What "Test Optional" Really Means for Your College-Bound Student

Why college applicants need to take the SAT/ACT

This webinar was originally recorded on June 11th, 2021

Recording time: 60 minutes


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About our Webinar:

If college admissions have been on your student’s mind this year, you’ve probably heard the recent shift with SAT/ACT testing and the move toward “test optional” at many colleges and universities. But the reality is that some colleges and universities still require SAT/ACT scores as part of their applications and taking these exams offers many other benefits for students.

Watch this webinar for an insightful discussion with Huntington Learning Center owners from two different states. These experts understand the realities facing high school students planning for college and are in tune to what colleges are expecting in today’s admission landscape.

These education and SAT/ACT prep experts will cover: 

  • The current state of college admissions
  • Why many students are still choosing to take the SAT/ACT
  • Why Huntington students who have chosen to test (even if applying to a school that has declared itself test optional) are glad that they did
  • Open Q & A
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About our Speakers:

Cara Murray

Huntington Learning Center Franchisee - Ledgewood & Ramsey, NJ

Cara Murray helps students boost their test scores, navigating the ever changing college admission landscape and helps students get into the college of their dreams. Cara owns two Huntington Learning Centers in New Jersey. She holds a Bachelor’s in Economics from Gettysburg College.

Lorie Strennen

Huntington Learning Center Franchisee - McMurray & Washington, PA

For over twenty years, Lorie Strennen has helped students improve test performance and study skills. Lorie understands what high school students are up against and what colleges are expecting from their incoming students. Lorie owns and operates two Huntington Learning Centers in Pennsylvania. She holds a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and a Master’s in Education.

Marielle Carroll

Training Manager at Huntington Learning Center

Marielle Carroll is the Training Manager in Huntington Learning Center’s Training Department. She is a leading expert in understanding the SAT/ACT, how to prepare for them and the current college admissions environment.


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