We need to make sure our students do not go down the “COVID slide”, which is a term used to show the negative impact and learning losses students are experiencing due to COVID-19. Huntington is helping students now combat this “COVID slide” and we want to share our strategies with you!


Join us on this webinar to learn how to make the most of this summer and how you can help your child go back to school after summer break with stronger skills and confidence. With our help, your student won’t experience learning losses or go down the “COVID Slide”.


Our expert will discuss:

  • The COVID-19 Slide
  • Benefits of summer learning
  • Building skills outside the classroom
  • Huntington’s Advantage Program

This is a great opportunity to learn about the importance of summer learning and how to get prepared for the new school year. We hope you join us!


Who Should Watch:

Parents with students K-12