In preparation for National Bullying Prevention Month, we are working with Mallory’s Army to bring you the tools you & your family need to help prevent bullying in your community.

Bullying is defined as aggressive, unwanted behavior that is often repeated over time. Students who are bullied & even those who bully others often suffer from serious issues later in life.

Join Huntington Learning Center & Dianne Grossman for this hour-long discussion to learn how you and your student can be a part of the solution to prevent bullying. We will discuss:

    • What the responsibility of schools & parents is
    • How bullying has changed
    • What we can do to move forward
    • Volunteerism & how we can help others
    • Building empathy when social media is at our fingertips 24/7

This is a great opportunity to learn strategies you can use with your child now and in the future, as well as ask questions that reference your child’s experiences to date.


About The Speaker

Host Name

Dianne Grossman

Mallory's Mother and Founder of Mallory's Army

On June 14, 2017 - the unimaginable happened. Mallory Rose Grossman 12, of Rockaway NJ died by suicide after months of bullying at school. She was an avid gymnast, cheerleader, and lover of all things outdoors. Her smile and giggle could light up a room, with this as her mother's memory, Dianne Grossman vowed to do her part to empower childreneducate parents and enrich schools hopefully do her part to "blue out bullying". Dianne Grossman graduated from the school of hard knocks life. She's used her journey over the last 40+ years to be a resilient person, she believes "it is never about what happens to you in life, but what you DO after that matters. Reminding young people to leave behind a legacy worth carrying on is her mission. Be the KIND of person you want to meet. With a blue band on her arm, she lives a bracelet KIND of life.